The Journey


ROSE BUD SCHOOL, Liluah is a contrivance of Kathleen Jane Janet Maud, mother of Mr. Frederick Vincent. She was a visionary and a vehement follower of Swami Vivekananda, who firmly believed that education played a fundamental role in the growth and development of nation.

She always proclaimed the sayings of Swami Vivekananda: “EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PERFECTION PRESENT IN MAN.”

Her mission was to eradicate illiteracy by means of providing education to every child equally irrespective of its class, caste, creed, gender, religion. When education in an English medium school was only meant for children from elite classes, she aspired to avail it to the children of underprivileged group of the society.

In 1963, she picked up Liluah, a small hamlet town at Howrah in West Bengal. The uphill battle of establishing an educational institution was undertaken by her son, Mr. Frederick Vincent.

Mr. Fredrick Vincent and his wife Mrs. Pamela Vincent were both working as teachers at Don Bosco, Liluah. Accumulation of funds to establish Rose Bud school, Liluah was still a dream far from reality. In 1967, Fr. Albert, then Principal of Don Bosco, Liluah, bequeathed a sum of 10,000. Mrs. Pamela Vincent rented the first property at P-31, Vivekanda Colony in Liluah with 2 students with the aid of this monetary contribution. The expedition of Rose Bud School, Liluah began.

As both Mr. Fredrick Vincent and Mrs. Pamela Vincent were actively working as regular teachers at Don Bosco, Liluah, they had to constantly oscillate themselves between Rose Bud School, Liluah and Don Bosco, Liluah.  Although the successful existence of the school became persistently questionable, Rose Bud School, Liluah stood the test of time.

Within a decade of the creation of the school, Mrs. Vincent resigned from Don Bosco, Liluah to finally take over as full-time headmistress in 1977. There was an expansion in the strength and the next rented property was at P- 48, Vivekanda Nagar not too far from P-31. The constant support of the members of Vivekanand Colony is irreplaceable until today as they always considered it to be their home, 1977 to 1987 turned out to be the paradigm shift in the development of the school.

With the assistance of Mr. K.S Narayan(Secretary of Rose Bud School, Liluah) mentor, guide, and colleague of Mr. Vincent of Don Bosco Liluah, the new property was purchased at 268/A G.T Road. Rose  Bud school, Liluah, further accentuated itself towards success. The process of affiliating the school to the government of West Bengal and the council for the Indian School Certificate Examination was commenced effectively. In 1990, the new complex was inaugurated and the school received its affiliation to the Council For the Indian School Examination, in 1999.