The Journey


ROSE BUD SCHOOL is the brainchild of Kathleen Jane Janet Maud, mother of Frederick Vincent. Her mission was to spread education to the masses without any distinction, discrimination of caste, creed, sex, religion, without pinching one pocket where quality English medium education was a privilege to the rich and affluent and not for the common man who then would always consider English medium education a costly uphill affair, mostly due to the fact as their children would be first learners.

A great and ardent follower of Swami Vivekanand, she always proclaimed that education of the masses was a pivot to the acceleration development and growth of a nation, and an individual a necessity to stand among global leaders.

She always proclaimed the sayings of the great master” EDUCATION IS THE MANIFESTATION OF THE PERFECTION PRESENT IN MAN.”

She set eyes on Liluah, a small hamlet town of Howrah then in 1963, still considered a village by one and all in the Calcutta.

She set the uphill task of setting up a school in Liluah for her son Frederick Vincent,

Frederick and Pamela were then both teachers in Don Bosco, Liluah, with finances still being a distant dream and that fortune favors the brave, whether luck seemed to have favored or rather call it to be divine intervention, Fr Albert Principal Don Bosco, Liluah offered a sum of Rs.10000, still sounds small but back in 1967 was quite a big sum to start within 1967, Mrs. Pamela Vincent rented the first property at P31, Vivekanda Colony in Liluah with 2 students.

Rose Bud School Liluah was born, Playing between Don Bosco Lilah and Rose Bud School was a challenging task, as times were very hard and surety of survival of Rose Bud was always a very big question, but as we say there is no replacement for hard work, it finally paid, Ten years down the line Mrs. Vincent resigned from Don Bosco Liluah to finally take over as full-time headmistress, in 1977,  the strength grew and the next rented property was at P- 48, Vivekanda Nagar  a hop skip and a jump, away from p 31, One cannot rule out the support of the members of Vivekanand Colony whose constant support today is priceless as they always considered it to be their home, 1977 to 1987 turned out to be the paradigm shift in the development of the school,

With the support of now Secretary Mr. K. S. Narayan, mentor, guide, and colleague of Mr. Vincent of Don Bosco Liluah, the new property was purchased at 268/A G.T Road. the road was paved and the process of affiliating the school to the government of West Bengal and the council for the Indian school certificate examination started,1990 the new complex was inaugurated and the school received its Affiliation to the Council For the Indian School Examination, in 1999.