Mr. Joshua Vincent


Every school is a home by itself a miniature society, a mini world in itself,

In rbl we imbibe not just wrote knowledge but empower and enrich in every child to be a champion, a star performer in his or her life, to stand the test of times, to rise after every fall, to have a never say die mentality, empowering and, enriching, to be the change and carry forward the baton of change, to set an example of exemplary leadership commitment, an attitude of servitude, love and sacrifice .

Mrs. Sumana Basu


The academic curriculum followed is a blend of creativity, memorisation, conceptualization, retentivity, a combinative use of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills, as every child is different, focus is laid with specificity with regard to learning abilities keeping each child’s swot analysis in mind, slowly, definitely and surely towards a child’s passionate zone of interest and passion to succeed.

Mrs. Archana Kotwala


Every parent and child is overwhelmed with the social pressure to succeed academically as the one and only resort to success, downsizing the need for development in other spheres of their life, which unfortunately leads to improper cognitive, affective and psychomotor developments.

At Rose bud school we lay maximum emphasis on the holistic development of children by focusing on a vary of activities be it cultural, sports, extracurricular, personality development, leadership and team building thus nourishing., enlightening .motivating, encouraging, fostering confidence, instilling in every child the vital life skills needed to withstand the testing times, to bring out the diamonds within and make the world a better place to live in.

In short, I would like to say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, and at rbl we make sure we leave no jack a dull boy….