Our Mission



The Diamond Value Chain

(The extraction of a diamond to the Gemologist ).

The process of diamond mining involves blasting through tons and tons of kimberlite, the rock where the diamond is being mined, kimberlite which is no more than waste but to find the best version of the rock we have to remove the kimberlite in order to get the precious stone, that is the Diamond.

                                  Now we take that as an analogy to our own lives, what is the kimberlite?  The waste, the distractions, the shortcomings that are keeping us from achieving the sparkle and luster of a diamond.

What is the kimberlite that is keeping us from being empowered and enlightening the diamond within us, truly exposing the best version of ourselves that is the diamond within?

There is a paradigm shift from being a conditioned yet uncut, unpolished toddler, tween, and an inquisitive blemished adolescent.

The mission of the school is to provide a clear perspective of life, goals, values, expectations, objectives, and opportunities, the principles of life and living as an individual, in society and in the world at large, enkindling, enriching, enhancing, empowering one’s ability by bolstering undeterred, undaunted, unflinching passion, positivity backed by sustained continuous effort, true dedication, direction, and unwavering focus.

To develop in every child the ability to stand up and defy all odds, to face trials, failures, tribulations as they remove the kimberlite of their life, to fall not once but many times only to rise again and never say I quit, to accept temporary failure, to rest a while but to rise again stronger to face the adversary, to conquer against all odds, for success is always attained at a cost.

To crush the outer kimberlite, shine like a diamond promises, and elevate every single living soul touched upon.